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Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair, Skin, And Health

Onions possess medicinal properties and contain numerous minerals and vitamins. They are used to treat ailments of the skin and hair and other health issues like diabetes, heart diseases, and inflammation.

Benefits of Onion Juice

  • Boost Healthy Hair Growth
  • Fights Acne
  • Delay Wrinkles
  • Helps to Treat Diabetes
  • Fight Inflammation
  • Boost Your Immunity
  • Enhance Eye Vision
  • Help Treat Nail Fungus
  • Improve Sleep and Mood
  • Improve Fertility

How to prepare Onion Juice?

  • Peel about 3 to 4 onions and chop them into pieces.
  • Add the pieces to a juicer and extract the juice.
  • Transfer it to a container and drink it.
  • You can also add the pieces to a blender and consume the paste.

Incorporate onion juice into your daily regimen after consulting your doctor.

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